Abul Asar


Software Development Engineer

October 2021 - Current ID Plans

  • Working on multiple Node.js API served on Ember.js and React.js frontend apps.
  • Worked on refactoring Node.js API and reduced function logic from more than 400 lines to multiple readable and testable concerns.
  • Fixed complex bugs with TDD approach.
  • Improved code coverage of Node.js API and moved test cases into separate module for better performance and readability.
  • Managed migrations of Dynamodb data into Mysql DataLake.

  • Technologies worked:

Senior Software Engineer

March 2018 - March 2021 Kiprosh

  • FullStack Developer GoodCity- https://www.crossroads.org.hk/)
  • Developed caching module for Frontend app performance
  • Worked on performance of one of the App, reducing its loading time from 30 ms to 3 ms
  • Upgraded Twilio voice calling feature by contributing to Open source project
  • Frequently upgrade Cordova apps along with CI pipeline for iOS and Android

  • Elixir Developer (www.trackive.com)
  • Developed API in Elixir and Phoenix
  • Developed analytics module API

  • Technologies worked:
  • Software Engineer

    September 2015 - March 2017 Health Converge Pvt Ltd.

  • Frontend Developer Docezzy Enterprise - http://www.docezzy.com/)
  • Developed app with Ember.js of a Hospital Information System.
  • Developed OPD and Pharmacy module.

  • Frontend Developer(Docezzy Cloud)
  • Developed HIS Cloud Application using Ruby on Rails and MySQL.
  • Implemented Task Management System for Operation Theatre OT
  • Developed Masters System of this Application.

  • Mobile Developer(Mobile Cloud Project)
  • Developed Mobile Application using IONIC 2.
  • Used Angular 2 for UI development of the Application.
  • Developed Notification System using Google Firebase.

  • Mobile Developer (Feedback application)
  • Feedback System for Enterprise Application.
  • Developed Runtime Server Connectivity System for Inter Server linkup.

  • Technologies worked:
  • Software Engineer

    April 2021 - September 2021 Selecthub

    • Worked as FullStack Developer on multiple technologies like Ruby/Rails, Elixir, Javascript(Backbone & Vuejs), Gigalixir and CI/CD pipeline.
    • Worked on adding features for Enterprise application in Ruby on Rails.
    • Used frontend framework Marionette-backbone for frontend-oriented tasks.
    • Refactored multiple modules by removing javascript generated UI and replacing it
    • with Rails SSR and improved the performance of the app.
    • Worked on User Client Feedback questions sorting module.
    • Looked into bug fixes related to Redis, Salesforce sync and UI enhancement, etc.
    • Developed microservices API in Elixir communicating with Rails and other Elixir and
    • Salesforce services and served real-time on the Vuejs app.

    • Technologies worked:

    Software Developer

    March 2017 - March 2018 Chenoa Information Services

  • FullStack Developer IDPlans-https://www.idplans.com/ )
  • Property Management real-estate Remote Web app which can monitor Real estate.
  • Used Ember for UI and REST API with Nodejs backed with DynamoDBAWS.
  • Developed Admin Panel with custom drag and drop option to manage UI for the clients of this app.

  • Frontend Developer Dosed Daily- https://www.doseddaily.com)
  • Elearning Web app for Doctors and medical practitioners.
  • Managed frontend development and planning of components.
  • Developed Dynamic web app using Html and Mustache.js for app performance

  • Technologies worked:
  • Frontend Skills






    Backend Skills

    Ruby on Rails




    CI/CD(Github Actions/ CircleCI)